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CCTV Security System

Choosing the Kevin Tiley Group CCTV Security System means you benefit from: 

  • Experienced and knowledgeable installation experts who will undertake a complete audit of your premises, ensuring every job is correctly engineered, costed and fitted.
  • Access to the most technologically advanced, reliable and efficient range of security solutions.  
  • On-going maintenance programme to ensure your system is fully functional and meets the original audit requirements.
  • 24 hour emergency call out / breakdown.
  • One single point of contact for all your security needs.

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How CCTV can help your business

As a deterrant - making those who may cause an incident to think twice

As a comforter - visible CCTV makes customers and staff feel safer. Also provides a back-up for security staff if required

Saving you money - CCTV meets the new Licensing Act requirements, which can lower your insurance premiums

Making you a priority - increases the likelihood of police priority response when installed

Documentary evidence -loss prevention of stock from employees and deliveries from wholesalers. Till scanning and revenue protection too. Evidence gathering for any police investigations or in court cases. 

Management information tool - used for making decisions about how customers and staff operate and behave, day to day.

CCTV - we offer the most technically advanced systems

We offer the most technically advanced cameras and CCTV systems on the market. These are tailor made to meet our customers' security needs:

Our product range includes:

  • Full body cameras
  • Low light cameras
  • Zoom cameras
  • Covert and concealed cameras
  • Infrared sensitive cameras
  • Vandal resistant domes
  • Fixed internal domes
  • Wide range of digital video recorders with 4 to 16 channels. Features include: Remote monitoring, real time recording and high resolution activity detection

Security Officers and Dogs

We provide a high level of quality security services with comprehensively trained security dog, handlers and static security officers. Protecting our client's premises, people and property from loss, damage or harm. 

We offer effective crime deterrent and prevention of incidents to property, loss or harm to people / public, their property or premises we protect.

We listen to ensure we get things right for you the first time. 

We are fully insured and licensed. 


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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Internet based for easy access
  • Easy navigation between reports
  • Daily logs for your records 
  • Route map displays
  • Timesheet reports in Excel 
  • Mobile application available 
  • Full management information

Easy to use intuitive software means there is minimal training before the powerful tracking features can be used. 


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Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Track Driver Behaviour

The innovative suite of reporting tools measures and analyses driver performance, enabling you to correct inappropriate behaviour such as speeding and idling. 

Track Mileage 

Assign mileage to business or personal use with minimal effort for tax purposes. 

No Costly Replacement Drivers 

Excessive speeding speeding information can be provided by the behaviour tools, and highlights drivers in need of corrective training eliminating the need for driver replacements. 

No Unauthorised Visits  

Out of hours reporting and geofencing provides the recorded information required to stop unsanctioned trips. 

Accurate Time Reporting

Precise live time sheet reporting allows more accurate wage calculations, increased employee time efficiency and increased numbers of completed jobs. 

More Completed Jobs

More efficient route planning is underpinned by accurate real-time location and traffic information, which leads to increased job completion rates.

Increased Customer Service

Efficient routing tools and precise location data means you can always keep the customer in the picture and meeting most difficult Service Level Agreements.

Tracking From Anywhere 

GPS Tracking is available for use 24 hours a day and from any internet enabled device. 

Tag Manager Feature

Tag individual vehicles with custom keywords allowing easy viewing of fleet performance data. This has the ability to exptract performance information easily. 

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